You can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions below.

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We warmly welcome you to our events at Tullisali!

Frequently asked questions

Opening hours and schedules

Tullisali is open according to events.

For event-specific schedules, please visit the Events page.


Tullisali is an accessible space. There is a wheelchair ramp at the main entrance and parking spaces for disabled people.

Tullisali has a toilet for disabled people.

At concerts, wheelchair users and their assistants are seated in the front row, to the left of the stage.

As a general rule, wheelchair users, visually impaired persons and persons with reduced mobility can enter our events with their assistants free of charge with the same ticket (excluding the ticket fee).

A certificate of eligibility for the assistant must be presented at the entrance.

Front desk and cloakroom

Cloakroom fee for events is €3 per person per visit (incl. VAT 24%). We accept cards.

Jackets, backpacks, large bags and other items not allowed at the event will be left in the cloakroom.

Age limits

The age limit is always event-specific. Please check the Events page for age restrictions.

Where a show is open to under 18s, we recommend that under 15s are always accompanied by a guardian or other adult.

If the event is open to under 18s, it is important to purchase a ticket for the correct age category (S or SUBLESS or K-18).

Proof of age must be provided on request.

Hearing protection

Strong sound and light effects can be used for events. Earplugs can be purchased from bar stalls.

Tickets and payment

Only card payment is available in Tullisali.

We use the most common bank cards.

As a rule, tickets for events organised by Tullisali are sold by Ticketmaster.

We recommend buying tickets only through official ticketing channels. For events organised by Tullisali, please visit

If the event is sold out in advance, it is not possible to buy tickets at the door. We will inform you about the sold-out situation on the event page on our website.


Lost and found

Lost property that is forgotten in the customs hall is delivered to the Lost Property Services of North Ostrobothnia.

Lost property can be requested directly from the Lost Property Services, following the instructions at

You can also call the PPLP office on 0600 550 094.

Merchandise/Product sales

Performers may have ancillary sales with them, which are always the responsibility of the performers themselves.

Location, arrival, parking and exit


Tyrnäväntie 16
90400 Oulu


Tullisali is well connected from all parts of Oulu, so it is convenient to come to the events by public transport or by car.

There is plenty of parking space in the immediate vicinity of Tullisaal, but parking can still be limited for larger public events.

Parking is free of charge.

Arrival by bus:

You can check timetables and bus routes to the stops directly on the Oulun Joukkoliikenteen website


At the end of the biggest public events, OTAXI will organise a temporary pop-up taxi centre in front of the Tullisali in the parking lot.


The entrance for the public is on the Tyrnäväntie road side.

There is an unobstructed entrance to the Tullisali.


Safety and a sense of security are of paramount importance in today’s events. For this reason, we ask customers to be prepared for a light entry check at the entrance to the event, including a check of their carry-on bags if necessary.

The following items or substances may not be brought into events:
  • Backpacks, large bags or duffel bags. If necessary, these can be left on the cloakroom.
  • Firearms, steel weapons, chain guns, explosives, fireworks or flares.
  • Objects that obscure visibility, such as banners.
  • A DSLR or video camera without proper prior permission to film.
  • Food or beverages

Please be prepared to show the contents of your bag if requested to do so by a security guard. This list may change, for example, if security regulations change or at the request of performing artists.


You are allowed to capture memories of concerts and events with your phone’s camera. Remember the official Tullisali hashtags #tullisali #tapahtumienkoti

However, bringing video cameras, tape recorders and system cameras to the event is not permitted, as professional filming without a specific contract is prohibited under the obligations of the performance contracts.

The unauthorised recording of performances at events is subject to controls (Copyright Act § 2 and § 45). Please follow the instructions given by the security guards. If necessary, the stewards have the right to remove unauthorised recording equipment or to direct a person away from the filming distance of the performances.

Tullisali will record images and video material for the Tullisali’s marketing channels, social media and website. By participating in the event, you agree that your image may appear on the above mentioned channels.

Media representatives can apply for filming, etc. accreditation well in advance of the event at


Tullisali, Oulu

Terminaali, Tyrnäväntie 16
90400 Oulu


Principles for a safe space

Tullisali is a safe space. No discrimination of any kind will be tolerated in the Tullisali on grounds such as sexuality, gender, religion, colour, disability or disability. Offensive behaviour towards others is also strictly prohibited. If you encounter harassing or otherwise inappropriate or disruptive behaviour at Tullisali events, please report it immediately to the security guards or other staff.

Tullisali’s Safe Space Policy:

  • Keep the atmosphere open.
  • Please do not make assumptions, but communicate, ask questions and make sure.
  • Respect others’ boundaries, wishes and your own will.
  • Ensure permission to touch others.
  • Let everyone be themselves.
  • Reach out boldly and with a low threshold to anyone close to you if you see discrimination, harassment or inappropriate behaviour.
  • Remember to enjoy the music, the atmosphere and have fun 💛

Terminaali Oulu
Tyrnäväntie 16

We are well connected from all parts of Oulu, and it is easy to get to us by car and public transport.

There is plenty of free parking space in the courtyard of Elämyskeskus Terminaali – but during the biggest events it may be more sensible to leave your car further away and walk the rest of the way.

Oulu Public Transport stops are about 500 metres from the entrance to Tullisali on Limingantie. The stops are Limingantulli E and Limingantulli P. You can plan your route at

See the location on the map