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Address: Tyrnäväntie 16, 90400 Oulu.

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Quotes and enquiries, business partnership

Jouni Loponen
Chief Executive Officer
+358 40 072 7129

Quotes and enquiries

Katariina Juntunen
+358 40 759 1083

Technology, equipment

Grant Miller
Technology Officer
+358 44 243 3274

Concerts | Artist Coordinator

Jani Suopanki
promoter, producer
+358 45 271 4494

Business events

Ina Westerlund
+358 44 2443748

Restaurant services, bar staff, food and drink orders

Satu Hoikka
Restaurant Manager
+358 43 216 1342

Restaurant services

Annika Antti-Roiko
shift manager

Marketing and communication

Binta Jabbi
+358 40 456 4113

Looking for these?

Lost and found

Lost property that is forgotten in the customs hall is delivered to the Lost Property Services of North Ostrobothnia.

Lost property can be requested directly from the Lost Property Services, following the instructions at

You can also call the PPLP office on 0600 550 094.

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Tullisali Oulu
co. Qstock Oy (2811591-8)

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